Tasmanian Pepperberries – black gold!

Yes, black gold indeed!  We planted Tasmanian pepperberries outside the cooking school after the potoroos, wallabies and possums considered the vegetable garden we originally planted there were part of a lovely smorgasbord for their enjoyment. They are not so keen to feast on the pepperberries.

20170228_094836This is the first year the bushes have produced so prolifically. The ones drying on trays represent only about a quarter of what needs to be picked from just a few bushes.

20170228_095015I’ll make some pepper berry gin, but mostly dry them to use in all sorts of dishes. One of my favourite things to do is to grind them once dried, and sprinkle over bread rolls before baking. Simply sumptuous.

The leaves can be dried also and used similarly. Definitely one of the best things we ever planted.

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  1. Hi Sally, I add pepper berries to my home made Romano and asiagi cheeses for a wonderful peppery taste and wonderful leech of crimson colour…

    - Isobel Piper