Slow Cooker

Sally Wise owns two crock pots and three slow cookers. At this very moment there is probably a pot of something delicious on her kitchen bench, slowly cooking itself to perfection – to say that she is passionate about this style of cooking would be an understatement.

In Slow Cooker, the bestselling author of A Year in a Bottle shares her favourite slow cooker recipes. Drawn from a collection created over thirty years of preparing tasty, economical and nutritious meals for her family, they include soups, mains – beef, lamb, chicken, pork and vegetables – and delectable desserts.

Sally believes that a slow cooker should be among the kitchen tools of every budget-conscious or busy person. These mouth-watering and easy-to-follow recipes will make slow cooking a cinch, all year round.

E-Book: $14.99; ISBN: 9780730494362; Paperback:$24.99; ISBN: 9780733327889