Cooking Classes with Sally Wise

The Sally Wise Cooking School is situated in the picturesque Derwent Valley near the small township of Molesworth. The Valley is renowned for its abundance of high quality fresh produce and it is from the local growers and her own garden and orchard that Sally will demonstrate how to prepare delicious meals, preserves and more.

Some class topics are now conducted by Sally’s daughter Stephanie, who has her own food business, Steph’s Kitchen.  These classes include Pasta Making, Sausage Making and Confectionery.

Classes will focus on cooking naturally without the use of artificial additives that permeate so much of the commercially prepared food we consume on a daily basis.

Every person who attends the class will enjoy tastings as the class progresses as well as a generous morning tea.

In fact, it’s advisable not to eat too much breakfast before you come along. Everyone always leaves here very full indeed.

Extra classes can be arranged by request.

 Classes are 4 hours duration (9am till 1pm) unless otherwise specified. 

 Private classes can be arranged – phone 0408 569 423 or email:

Gift vouchers available

If you are unable to attend dates specified on this class schedule, it may well be possible to arrange for an additional class on your topic of choice on an alternative date.


Confectionery Making – $180

In this class lots of delicious sweet candies and chocolates will be made, ideal or gifts or to savour at home with your family.

Family FavouritesMeals and More – $170 + GST**

Learn to prepare easy dishes that will be popular with all the family.

Sausage Making – $210

Learn how to make and tie sausages like a professional.  The sausages made during this class are made with fresh, local meats and are additive and gluten free.  This class also covers home curing of bacon.

Preserving – jams, cordials and chutneys– $160 + GST

In this session learn how to make easy jams, pickles, chutneys and cordials.

Preserving – extended summer class (6 hours) – $200 + GST
Learn how to bottle seasonal fruits, as well as making jams, pickles, chutneys and cordials.

Making and Baking Yeast Goods $160 + GST
This session shows how simply and quickly bread can be made.  A range of sweet and savoury bread products are made during this class.

Slow Cooking  – $180 + GST
In this session several dishes will be prepared to show the scope of your everyday slow cooker, from soups to main courses to stunning desserts and cakes.

Gluten Free Cooking – $170 + GST

An array of gluten free foods will be prepared, from everyday dishes to baked goods such as biscuits and cakes that are very bit (and more) delicious than their gluten-soaked counterparts.

Sweet Treats from the Kitchen  – $170 + GST

This session will evoke memories of grandmother’s kitchens from a time when morning and afternoon tea were a social norm.  The sweet treats prepared will showcase exquisite Tasmanian fruits of the season.

Easy Cheese Making – $170 + GST
During this class a range of easy cheeses will be prepared, such as Mozzarella and Halloumi.

Cooking in a Wood-fired Oven – $180 + GST

Here on our property there is a hand-built Scottish style bread oven.  In this class there will be a presentation on how (or why) to build your own, as well as learning the basics of baking in such an oven – from bread to pizzas to roasts.

A wood-fired slow combustion stove, an integral part of the cooking school, will also be utilised during the session.

Farm to Fork – $180 + GST

Spend a morning on the farm here at Wyre Forest Road.  Meet the menagerie of quirky animals, for the most part those who have ben rescued.  Prick prduce from the garden and orchard to prepare a lunch to share in the garden.

Pasta Making – $160

Learn how to prepare hand-made pasta and a range of sauces and dishes to accompany them.

Tomato Feast – $180 + GST

Ever wondered what to do with the abundance of a summer’s bounty of tomatoes?  In this class a range of preserves will be prepared so that not a single tomato needs to go to waste.

Mother and Daughter – $180 + GST

Join Sally and daughter Stephanie in the kitchen for a morning’s cooking in the kitchen and share a delicious light lunch.

Sweet Treats from the Kitchen – $170 + GST

Learn to make an array of sweet treats – cakes, tarts, muffins, biscuits and cookies and more.

Gifts from the Kitchen – $170 + GST

In this class we will make a variety of edible treats that are ideal for gifts for special occasions.


*** (PLEASE NOTE – it is essential to confirm bookings one week before the class date).

February 6th Gluten free Cooking
February 10th Sweet Treats from the Kitchen
February 20th Preserving – jams, cordials, pickles, chutneys and bottling – extended class
February 24th Confectionery
March 12th Preserving – jams, cordials, pickles, chutneys and bottling – extended class
March 13th Tomato Feast
March 19th Pasta Making
March 31st Preserving – jams, cordials, pickles, chutneys and bottling – extended class
April 2nd Making and Baking Yeast Goods
April 9th Sweet Treats from the Kitchen
April 16th Cooking in a Wood-fired oven
April 23rd Gluten Free Cooking
April 30th Sausage Making
May 7th Mother and Daughter
May 21st Slow Cooking
June 11th Making and Baking Yeast Goods
June 11th Slow Cooking
June 25th Family Favourites – Meals and More
July 2nd Making and Baking Yeast Goods
July 9th Slow Cooking
July 23rd Gluten Free Cooking
August 13th Sausage Making
August 27th Preserving – jams, cordials, chutneys
September 24th Making and Baking Yeast Goods
October 8th Family Favourites – Meals and More
October 15th Gluten Free Cooking
November 5th Preserving – jams, cordials and chutneys
November 12th Easy Cheese Making
November 26th Confectionery Making
December 3rd Gifts from the Kitchen
December 17th Preserving – jams, cordials and chutneys


179 Wyre Forest Road, Molesworth, Tasmania 7140

To enquire or make bookings:
Email :
Phone : 0408 569 423

How to get here

If travelling from Hobart, follow the Brooker Highway until you come to Granton.  Keeping to the left side of the river, drive about 10 to 15 minutes more until you reach the small township of Sorell Creek (just before New Norfolk).

Turn left here (the road to Molesworth) and travel for a few kilometres until you see Collins Cap Road on the right.  Follow this road for about 700 metres more – you will see Wyre Forest Road on the left.   We are number 179, clearly marked with the cooking school sign.

If you are coming from New Norfolk – at Sorell Creek, turn right into the road to Molesworth.  Follow this road until you see Collins Cap Rd on the right, turn up here and after about 700 metres turn left into Wyre Forest Rd.

We are about 30 minutes from Hobart CBD or 7 to 10 minutes from New Norfolk.